Why Auto Dealers Should Run Soft Credit Pulls

June 11, 2019| Zachary Klempf

Credit checks are an essential part of the financing process, but also a major hassle for salespeople and customers alike. Hard credit pulls leave a mark on a customer's credit report and require sensitive financial information.

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Three Tips to Strengthen Your Dealership’s Web Presence

March 8, 2015| Zachary Klempf

This article originally appeared in the March issue in Australian Auto Dealer Magazine.

They hit the showroom floor super informed and sometimes more knowledgeable than your sales team about competitive brands and innovative features on the latest models. Competition is fierce to get and to keep their attention to buy from your dealership, and adopting an engaging online sales and marketing strategy is a critical component

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Increase Your Sales Productivity and ROCK the Lot!

February 11, 2015| Zachary Klempf

This article originally appeared February 10, 2015 on Dealer Communications.

Every sales person is looking for that extra edge to hit their sales goal and land that big bonus. But what sets the car sales Rock Star apart from the average dealership sales Joe? The answer is productivity – the Rock Stars are selling four cars on a Saturday when you’re hustling to sell just one. Earn a spot on the sales stage with them by

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Dealership Disrupt

January 2, 2015| Zachary Klempf

This post originally appeared in the January 2015 issue of Auto Dealer Monthly magazine and was written by our CEO, Zach Klempf.

Auto dealers are not immune to the disruptive technology trends and social media onslaught of the last decade. You face the same challenges as your fellow business owners in any number of industries and, like them, you must adapt to the digital marketplace or risk becoming showroom road kill. Three major...

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