Text Message Marketing For Car Dealers: Benefits, Tips, and Templates

October 23, 2023| Zach Klempf

Text message marketing has emerged as a powerful medium for dealerships, offering a direct, personal, and effective way to communicate with potential buyers. In this article, we will dive into the benefits, share actionable tips, and give some templates to kickstart your dealership text marketing campaigns.

Part 1: Benefits of Text Message Marketing for Car Dealers

Car dealers are increasingly leveraging text message marketing to enhance their customer outreach. A recent study published in 2023 by the Auto Marketing Association revealed that car dealers utilizing text marketing have seen an average increase of 30% in customer engagement rates. This uplift is attributed to the immediate and personalized nature of text messages, making them a powerful tool in building stronger relationships with customers. Here are some of the key benefits that make this communication method highly effective and indispensable in the modern, fast-paced marketplace.

Instant Reach

Text messages boast an impressive open rate of over 75%. For car dealers, this means instant communication with potential buyers, ensuring that your messages are not just sent but also read.

Personalized Communication

Text marketing allows for personalized messages based on the customer’s preferences, behavior, and previous interactions with the dealer. This personal touch enhances the customer experience and boosts engagement.


Compared to traditional advertising mediums like direct mail, text message marketing is cost-effective, offering a higher return on investment. It’s an affordable way to reach a large audience while maintaining a personal touch.

Measurable Results

With real-time data on delivery, open, and response rates, dealers can easily measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, allowing for timely adjustments and optimization.

Part 2: Tips for Effective Text Message Marketing

As car dealers look to maximize engagement and conversions, there are essential practices to consider for optimizing this communication channel. Here, we outline pivotal tips that are instrumental in amplifying the impact of your text message marketing campaigns, ensuring they are not only compliant and respectful but also targeted and effective in driving results.

Obtain Consent

Always obtain consent before sending promotional messages. It builds trust and ensures compliance with legal regulations, including adherence to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Aligning with TCPA not only reinforces ethical messaging practices but also safeguards businesses against potential legal challenges, fortifying the trust and confidence of the customer base.

Segment Your Audience

Segment your audience based on criteria like vehicle preferences, purchase history, and location. Tailored messages to specific segments increase relevance and engagement.

Keep it Concise

Text messages should be short and to the point. Ensure your message is clear, concise, and offers value to the recipient.

Include a Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

Every message should have a clear CTA, guiding recipients on the next steps to take, whether it’s visiting your dealership, calling for an appointment, or checking out a special offer online.

Timing is Everything

Send messages at appropriate times when recipients are most likely to read and respond. Avoid early mornings, late nights, and other inconvenient times.

Part 3: Text Message Templates for Car Dealers

Crafting compelling and targeted text messages is crucial in driving customer engagement and response. Whether it’s promotional offers, unveiling new inventory arrivals, service reminders, event invitations, or customer appreciation, each message serves a unique purpose in the customer journey. Here, we offer insights into creating texts that are not only eye-catching but also prompt recipients to take action, weaving them seamlessly into your broader marketing and customer engagement strategy.

Promotional Offers
“Save big this weekend at XYZ Motors! Exclusive discounts on select models. Visit us or call [phone number] for details. Offer ends Sunday!”

New Arrivals
“Be the first to explore the latest [Car Model] at XYZ Motors! Schedule your test drive today. Call [phone number] or visit [website].”

Service Reminders
“It’s tune-up time! Schedule your car’s service at XYZ Motors and enjoy a 10% discount on labor. Book now at [website] or call [phone number].”

Event Invitations
“You’re invited to our exclusive 4th of July Sales Event this Saturday! Enjoy special offers, refreshments, and more. RSVP at [website] or call [phone number].”

Customer Appreciation
“Thank you for choosing XYZ Motors! As a token of our appreciation, enjoy a complimentary car wash with your next service. Book today at [website].”

Text message marketing is revolutionizing the way car dealers connect with potential and existing customers. By combining the immediacy of text messages with personalized content, dealers can enhance the customer experience, boost engagement, and drive sales. Implementing the tips and utilizing the templates provided in this article can set the foundation for a successful text message marketing campaign that resonates with your customers and amplifies your dealership’s brand.

Remember, the key to effective text message marketing lies in personalization, timing, and value. Every message sent is an opportunity to connect, engage, and convert a recipient into a loyal customer. Embrace the power of text, and watch your dealership’s customer engagement and sales soar to new heights.

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