Start-ups aim to change how you buy a car

February 7, 2016| Althea Chang

Car shoppers are increasingly making purchase decisions using the Web, mobile devices and apps, leading a few Silicon Valley start-ups to think the U.S. retail auto market may soon have a new home. "I'd go as far to say that Silicon Valley is becoming the new Detroit for the automotive industry," said Zach Klempf, CEO of Selly Automotive, a firm that sells software that car dealerships use to manage their inventory and organize

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Automotive Disruption From The Bay Area To Atlanta

December 1, 2015| Zach Klempf

This post originally appeared on Tech Crunch via

Never has the traditional automotive business model been under constant siege as it is today from multiple fronts. Technology has not only changed the car-buying experience but it is also relentlessly reshaping the entire ecosystem from dealership go-to-market strategies to the automobile product offering itself, all while it creates new, non-traditional

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